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  • Play Date, More than a Short Film

    Goal: Fund the Movie and help homeless individuals rebuild their lives

  • Shari's battle against cancer

    Goal: Raise money to help Shari battle cancer

  • EcoPod: Soil-less Greenhouse System

    Goal: Solve world hunger by speeding up food production

  • Coso's Creepy Romance

    Goal: Publish the second edition of this book

  • Julia's Music Video

    Goal: Fund her music career

  • Dafi's Inspirational Book

    Goal: Share my experience of overcoming a brian tumor

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Featured Campaigns


Help Shari Battle Cancer

by Shari Washington
Help Shari Battle Cancer.
35% $1,575 20 days
Funded Contributed To Go

Variedades Con Sandra - Empowering Hispanic Americans

by Sandra Chavarria
A Spanish language talk show presenting lifestyle, educational & political content to empower Latino Americans.
31% $950 26 days
Funded Contributed To Go

Prick - A Short Film

by Lisanne Sartor
'Prick' - a short film about the three P's - Penises, Pregnancy and Parenthood.
100% $10,020 Funded
Funded Contributed Aug 30, 2014

To Light: A 9/11 Memorial Project

by Carolyn Downie
Support ''To Light' and help educate children of 9/11.
47% $941 13 days
Funded Contributed To Go

Fight Mental Illness with Photography

by Broken Light Collective
Help Broken Light Collective fight stigma, raise awareness & empower people living with or affected by mental illness through photography
126% $6,348 18 days
Funded Contributed To Go

Innovative solution to address world hunger

by Diana Barash
World's first industrial soil and substrate free cultivation system. Please support me to start PILOT after successful proof of concepts.
102% $1,026 Funded
Funded Contributed Jul 1, 2014

Play Date

Play Date is more than just a film, it's a story that makes a difference. Partial proceeds go to help homeless individuals rebuild lives.
100% $18,850 Funded
Funded Contributed Jul 12, 2014

Digital Empowerment Training for Women

by Mia Mitchell
Digital Empowerment Training for Women in Nepal
100% $2,500 Funded
Funded Contributed Aug 9, 2014

Back to School

by Betty LaMarr
Developing Our Girls for STEAM Careers. We will host 60 girls for the year. Any donation is appreciated.
2% $101 28 days
Funded Contributed To Go